Appam And Stew

September 14, 2017

Ingredients for Appam

1 cup whole rice/millet
½ cup coconut grated
¼ cup paste of cooked rice or millet
salt to taste
yeast less than ¼ tsp
2 dates

Soak the rice for 5-6 hours. Grind the soaked rice, coconut and dates in a fine paste. Add salt and yeast and keep at room temperature for 8 hours. Heat the tawa and spread a ladle full of the batter, tilting the pan so as to spread the batter. Turn and cook on both sides.

Ingredients for Stew

50 gm carrots
50 gm beans
50 gm peas
50 gm mashed potatoes
1 inch cinnamon
200 ml coconut milk
30 gm onion, diced
1 tbsp ginger
1 green chili (optional)
1 bay leaf
salt to taste

In a kadhai add all the ingredients except the mashed potatoes and coconut milk. Add water and boil together till vegetables are tender.

Add mashed potatoes and coconut milk and cook well. Season with salt.

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