CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BURGER Vegetable-based patties that taste like actual meat, already popular in the US, coming to the UK in the New Year

December 16, 2017

FAKE “rare meat” burgers made from plants and engineered in laboratories are set to be launched in the UK.

The bogus beef patties — which sizzle, smell, taste and even bleed like the real thing — are already popular in the United States.

The foun­der of one of the firms, London-based Moving Mountains, claims that their burger is so similar to meat it would win over even ‘the most committed carnivores’

Now three firms, two backed by tech billionaire Bill Gates, are racing to be first to launch them here early in the new year.

British company Moving Mountains claims its B12 burger will be the first to reach UK shops.

Scientists took two years to finalise the secret recipe, which has 20g of plant protein but boasts a meaty taste.

Animal fat in the zero cholesterol burgers is replaced by coconut oil and they also contain wheat, potatoes and mushrooms.

The “bleeding” is simulated using beetroot juice.

Si­m­eon Van der Mo­l­en, foun­der of London-based Moving Mountains, said their burger was so meat-like it would convert even “the most committed carnivores”.

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