Major Meat Producer To Launch Plant-Based Beyond Burger In Germany

April 14, 2018

Food tech company Beyond Meat has announced it will be launching its flagship product – the plant-based Beyond Burger – in Germany.

According to an announcement, the company has teamed up with PHW Group – a billion dollar poultry producer and marketer – in order to enter the European market through German distribution.

The news follows Beyond Meat disclosing plans to bring the burger to the UK in 2018.
‘Important milestone’

Ethan Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Beyond Meat, said: “Today, the company reaches another important milestone and announces its entry into the European market through German distribution.

“Over many months, we have been working hard to select a strategic partner for our international expansion.

“I am very pleased that with the PHW Group we have found a long-term partner who has extensive expertise in the European market with regard to distribution, logistics, and costumer and consumer engagement.”

‘Boost the launch’

Peter Wesjohann, CEO of the PHW Group, added: “I am very pleased that we were able to convince Beyond Meat of our capabilities. Not only will we use all our know-how in the logistics and production of convenience and vegan products, but above all our expansive distribution network to boost the launch of Beyond Meat.

“We consciously embrace this supposedly unusual partnership because we believe in growth through diversity. Our job as a food manufacturer is to create as many different offerings for the consumer as possible.

“We offer the consumer a wide range of protein-rich products, from conventionally produced poultry meat, to private courtyard poultry, to a vegan range. Against this backdrop, we also understand our partnership with Beyond Meat.”

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