Animal-based food harmful to human health

August 28, 2017

Amidst the raging debate in the country on beef eating and sporadic lynching crimes related to it, top most medical institutions from across the world, including AIIMS, have advocated that animal-based food like meat and eggs were harmful to human health in a big way.

According to a documentary film “The Evidence– Meat Kills” to be released shortly, senior journalist and documentary filmmaker Mayank Jain has documented clinching evidence from topmost medical institutions of the world. He, however, to avoid any controversies arising out from the subject, has left out cow slaughter issues and beef eating in his film though other animals like buffalo, pig, dog, chicken, lamb, fish consumed by human.

“The film is basically not to appreciate or to criticize anyone, religion, caste of for that matter kind of politics. My only point is to think on innocent animals being slaughtered mercilessly. Animal slaughter is an on-going emotive issue, often invites violent reaction from so-called right wingers in the form of flared-up tempers, lynching and mayhem all over the country. Rather than carrying out an endless blame game, could there be a non-violent healthy solution to the crisis,” Jain told The Pioneer talking about his 75 minute documentary produced by him spanning over a period of time.

Many renowned senior professors from AIIMS, Tata Memorial Hospital and foreign research institutes based in Canada and America have been interviewed extensively for this documentary.

This science-based film raises issues about the role of poor lifestyle– especially improper eating habits (including high fat and high sweet vegetarian diet)– in the spread of chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney disorders, neurological problems etc.

The film also shows that, owing to increased intake of animal-based food and fast foods, there is an abnormally high increase in the spread of colorectal cancers, heart problems, kidney failures and type-2 diabetes throughout the world. “While the mobs must take the blame for violence, the trigger to this violence comes from killing animals for food,” added Jain.

He has several other acclaimed documentaries like The Bangla Crescent– ISI, Madrasas & Infiltration and The Gujarat Miracle released by senior BJP leaders Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley in his kitty.

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