Meat kills is the latest mantra ..

August 28, 2017

Meat kills is the latest mantra ..

The Evidence – Meat Kills”, a documentary by Mayank Jain, puts forth scientific facts to prove that animal-based food like meat and eggs can cause irreparable damage to human health.

However, milk has been kept out of the scope of documentary.

The film shows that owing to increased intake of animal-based food and fast foods, there is an abnormally high increase in the spread of colorectal cancers, heart problems, kidney failures and type-2 diabetes throughout the world.

Meat kills is the latest mantra ..

Rakesh Tandon, from, AIIMS, says in the film: “I as a gastroenterologist see an increase in colonic cancer in the country…

This kind of cancer was more common in the western world than among the oriental people.

I think this is because of the change in our dietary habits… Meat-eaters tend to have a higher incidence of colonic cancer.”

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