Red meat may put you at cancer risk

December 26, 2017

Before buying red meat from market, you may want take a complete look at the entire animal, as a study recently warns that consuming processed meat may increase the risk of developing cancer.

Cancer Research UK has acknowledged a correlation between processed and red meats and the deadly disease.

According to experts, the only way to be certain that it hasn’t been affected by tumours is by taking a look at the entire animal before it’s cut up because consuming diseased product may increase your risk of developing cancer, reports eaily star online.

Author Tim Key from the University of Oxford said, “Cancer Research UK supports IARC’s decision that there’s strong enough evidence to classify processed meat as a cause of cancer and red meat as a probable cause of cancer.”

“We’ve known for some time about the probable link between red and processed meat and bowel cancer, which is backed by substantial evidence.

They warned that even if you are buying it from a supermarket, then also there is no certainty that cancer has been chopped out by butchers.

Cancer Research UK and the International Agency for Research on Cancer classify processed meats, including bacon and sausages, as “causes of cancer”.

The team advises public to reduce their meat intake if it’s excessive.

“This decision doesn’t mean you need to stop eating any red and processed meat. But if you eat lots of it you may want to think about cutting down,” the researchers concluded.

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