About Our Film

Directed by Mayank Jain and conceptualized by Shri Jai Kishan ‘JK’ Jhaver, this science-based film raises issues about the role of poor lifestyle—especially improper eating habits—in the spread of chronic diseases like cancer, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, kidney disorders, neurological problems etc. The prevalent western diet results in consumption of huge amounts of animal proteins, dietary cholesterol, saturated fats and harmful chemicals which play a key role in the spread of life-threatening disorders. This diet, unlike a whole-foods-plant-based diet, lacks ‘good-health-agents’ like dietary fiber, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. Owing to higher intake of animal-based food and fast foods, there is an abnormally high increase in the spread of colorectal cancers, heart problems, kidney failures and type-2 diabetes throughout the world.

The film gives plenty of evidence to portray the negative influence of bad diets to human health—by drawing heavily from studies carried out by topmost international medical institutions. The data shows conclusively that some of the most dangerous chronic diseases could not only be controlled but even reversed with help of a low-fat-whole-foods-plant-based diet.

Inspiration & Guidance
We also had the benefit of valuable advice from Sri MH Dalmia, Sri HP Kanoria, Sri Arun Kothari and Sri Arun Jain as well as support from many other passionate people, while making this film

Duration of the film:
Our two-part-film, ‘The Evidence—Meat Kills’, carries a duration of 30 minutes and 45 minutes for part 1 and part 2 respectively.

Other films by the Director:
Some other documentaries directed by Mayank Jain are: ‘Death Warrant’ (2004), ‘The Bangla Crescent—ISI, Madrasas & Infiltration’ (2005), ‘The Gujarat Miracle’ (2007), ‘Chhattisgarh Now’ (2008), ‘Gujarat Fast Track’ (2012) etc.


At Bhartiya Samkriti Trust, Chennai, we have a team of dedicated and passionate people who work wholeheartedly to promote good health, spirituality, scientific temperament and Bhartiya values in youth all over the country. Our aim is to do research, documentation and dissemination of information with help of scholars, academia, historians, journalists, Indic experts, films, social media, India passioners & activists as well as through other fora and means.

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